Danny Moran

How to setup a Group Policy Central Store

Published October 22, 2022 by Danny Moran

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Learn how to setup a Group Policy Central Store, so you can have a single central location to manage the ADMX files that are used to configure your active directory domain environment. In this example, I show you how to setup the Central Store by copying the existing PolicyDefinitions folder for your primary domain controller and then deploying it to your domains Sysvol folder.

How to setup a Group Policy Central Store video

How to setup a Group Policy Central Store

  1. On your primary domain controller, copy the following folder: C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions

  2. Navigate to your domain policies folder, located in the Sysvol folder: \\ad.dannymoran.com\SYSVOL\ad.dannymoran.com\policies

  3. Paste the PolicyDefinitions folder into the Policies folder.

Group Policy Management will now be looking at the Central Store for the ADMX files, rather than the local machine. When you need to add new ADMX files, or update existing AMDX files, just add them to the new Central Store folder and they will automatically be available to all domain controllers.